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Crossword Puzzles 2006

Topic started by pavalamani pragasam on Sat Jun 17 23:11:57 2006. [Full View]


In this thread, we solve The Hindu crosswords every day. Today's crossword puzzle can be accessed as:

1. go to
2. Click on 'Miscellaneous' on the left menu

You can post answers - as you crack - in this thread.


1 My job, as pal badly spelled out, is to

make night attire (4-4,7) BABY DOLL PYJAMAS

9 Cleansing agent put off squire (9) DETERGENT

10 Phoned leader of expedition for compass (5) RANGE

11 Happening just before start of tournament (5) EVENT

12 Saving made by company that's
invested in foreign money (7) ECONOMY

14 Publicans in the North needing minders (10) INNKEEPERS

16 Book to attend every single social function (4) CALL

18 A cat, tiny thing (4) ATOM

19 Caron (& Louis) cast in play (10) CORIOLANUS

21 A permit held by the sportsman (7) ATHLETE

23 Caught, she's out in game (5) CHESS

25 Electronic device in fashion -
millions after it (5) MODEM

26 A Swedish queen creating terrible stir
in country (9) CHRISTINA

27 Upset learning a letter reveals
an emotional relationship (7,8) ETERNAL TRIANGLE


1 Bird with a grub flying around cloudy ridge (10) BUDGERIGAR

2 Women need beauty treatment as
a private matter (7,3,3,2) BETWEEN YOU AND ME

3 Girl heard too, unfortunately (8) DOROTHER

4 City in Belgium for example featured in story (5) LIEGE

5 A medley of popular tunes could be up to prior (9) POTPOURRI

6 Jack has quarrel in port (6)

7 Talking idly about one extremely
youthful crime (5,10) MONEY LAUNDERING

8 Fix a casserole (4) STEW

13 Fails to hear husband in pothole,
bringing narrow escape (5,5) CLOSE SHAVE

15 Tested about Latin language (9)

17 Want, in new base, a source of water (5,3) BLACK SEA

20 Article supporting bogus doctor-priest (6) SHAMAN

22 Dread (after opener's dismissal)
making a mistake (5) ERROR

24 Learn about head of muscovy duck (4)SMEE

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