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Crossword Puzzles 2007

Topic started by rockzidane on Wed Aug 29 22:14:12 2007.


In this thread, we solve The Hindu crosswords every day. Today's crossword puzzle can be accessed as follows:

1. go to
2. Click on 'Miscellaneous' on the left menu

You can post answers - as you crack - in this thread.


 5 To close up when in a crowd would be sheer lunacy (7) MADNESS

 10 Water pollutant can raise water charge (7)

11 Note left for this boy (5) ELTON

12 Put out and awfully cold, is given tea maybe (9) DISLOCATE

13 Bore heartless people and earn reprimand (9)

16 Moving in last iron rations (5) ASTIR


 1 Get fish in to eat for a complete change (5,2)

  3 A relation who could divide the family (9)

  5 Government officials put out to sit among the colliers (9) MINISTERS

 6 In the end it took just the same as before (5) DITTO


 8 Seventeenth century sect members who sought for true church (7)

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