Gayatri Mantra - The Universal Prayer

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om bhur bhuvah suvaha, tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi, dhiyo yo nah prachodayaat

" We mediate upon the auspicious godly light of Lord Sun,
may that heavenly light illumine the thought-flow in our intellect"

This Gayatri mantra was originally revealed to Sage Visvamitra, the rishi or seer of this mantra who gave out this precious jewel of the Vedas. Truly as his name implies, he is the Mitra or friend of the Viswa, the entire universe.

Later on in the course of history, the Gayatri mantra was personified as all the loving and benevolent Mother Goddsess, known as Gayatri Devi or Savitri Devi. Traditionally this mantra was given only to the boys in a ceremonial fashion known as Upanayana. However, there is enough evidence in the Manu Smriti (a Dharma Shastra) indicating that women were at one point in time in a similar ceremony were bestowed the scared thread and initiated into the Gayatri Mantra.

Sri Krishna in the Gita says, "the mind can be our greatest friend and it also can be our greatest enemy". Any Achievement, whether material or spiritual will be limited and temporary when one does not have mastery over one's mind. A mind which is not pure or free of negative tendencies, which is not disciplined and controlled will not be peaceful and happy. A purified and concentrated mind is a source of immense power. One of the easiest yet most effective means of achieving such a powerful mind emphasized is the Gayatri mantra.

"OM" is the name or indicator of the infinite reality Brahman, which pervades the entire universe, represented by the words "Bhu" (earth), "Bhuvah''(interspace) and "Suvaha" (the heavens). Thus we remember first the Lord as present everywhere in His glorious creation. After remembering the Lord, "Dhimahi" (we meditate), and on what do we meditate, "Varenyam bhargaha" (on the supreme effulgence), of who "Tat Savitre Devasya" (of that divine generator of sun), and who is he "Yat pracodayaat" (it is He who prompts our intellect). In our solar system the sun is considered to be source of the earth, of life and all its related activity. Therefore, sun here or "savitre" represents that Parabrahman. That divine sun which is ever shining "Tat Savitur Devasya", 'Deva' means that which shines, implying that the substratum is self-luminous and all other light whether physical light as we know it or light in the form of intellectual brilliance is only reflection of it. In simple words that Reality or cause of the universe is of the nature of consciousness.

Through this Gayatri mantra, in essence, we invoke the Lord Sun, saying "Oh Lord Sun, please purify my mind, so that the light of my intellect may shine forth." The rishis found none other than the blazing sun as a perfect representative or embodiment of all noble ideals along with supreme knowledge of God. There is no greater ideal than that amply represents the brilliance of knowledge and intelligence as well as the warmth of love and caring. The principle of dynamic work, the spirit of the dedicated service without ulterior motive and the virtue of unlimited sacrifice, these are best exemplified in nature by the quiet sun which unceasingly burns of itself to give heat and light to all of creation yet demands nothing in return. The reputation of the Gayatri mantra can destroy these negative tendencies which are hiding the brilliance within us.

May the blessings of Mother Gayatri ever shower upon all of us.


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