Finally it took a woman to show Patriotism and B a l l s!!!

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Shabana Azmi's reply to the ranting and rumbling Imam of Juma Masjid was refreshing. To suggest that a person no less than the foul mouthed, traitorous Imam should be air dropped in Kandhahar, for his good and ours should serve as a reminder to the Muslim community in India that they cannot forever eat the salt of this nation and pretend that they do not see and hear anything. Its high time that other educated, right thinking Muslims came out and voiced their feelings rather than sit quiet and allow idots from their community to be their mouth piece. Finally it took a woman from among them to show guts and sensible thinking. Way to go Shabana!!!

P.S. The idiots will probably put out a Fatwa on her (they don't know anything else).


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