am i a terrorist?

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They call my people blood-thirsty terrorists,
blowing up buildings and planes with dynamite,
tied to their chests, killing civilians by the
hundreds, but am i a terrorist?
True, some of my people,
of names similar to mine,
do act violently in despair,
when their human rights are stolen,
when their suffering and plights are ignored,
in the refugee camps of sabra and chatala,
but am i a terrorist?
Islam, the religion of Submission,
teaches Muslims to respect life,
"If anyone had killed one man
except in lieu of of murder and mischief
it is as if he killed the whole mankind"
same verse in Torah and Quran too
by the same God
how could i be a terrorist?
Prophet Mohammad, Peace be upon him
was a mercy to mankind,
he cared for the poor, elderly and the sick,
even if not from his faith,
he stood in respect for a funeral procession
of a jew, he let a cat take a nap on his robe,
not to disturb her, he cut his robe,
he told Muslim armies not to hurt women and kids,
sick and old, cut trees or kill animals just for fun,
I love him so much,
how could i be a terrorist?
but why do they call us terrorists?
why not call the IRA, Red army, Tamil tigers,
Millitant Hindus, Israeli Millitant or
Serbians terrorists?
No, the term is reserved for Muslims only,
and i am a Muslim,
I remember Serb soldiers come to my house,
they killed my father and my big brother too,
I miss them so much,
They raped my mother and my sister too,
I loved them so much,
Then they burned my house, my books and toys too,
And they call us terrorists,
I got scared, and fled into the woods,
Joined a caravan going to the border,
Migrating from oppression to a land of peace and freedom,
I have walked two days and climed a mountain,
I am hungry and thirsty, tired and sick,
My legs are weak and my feet are bleeding
Unable to walk anymore,
Do I look like a terrorist?
I am not a terrorist,
I am a Muslim,
Seeking love, peace and justice
My name is Mehmet Poturvic
I am a 6 year old from Kosava
Dear God, please help me and my people,
“You alone I worship, from you alone I seek help”


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