Black & White Photography: Can you prove valuable tips ?

Topic started by Srini (@ on Tue Jul 24 03:29:48 .
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I am sure many of you may have evinced interest in viewing/clicking timeless, classical B & W photographs. I have a passion for them.

So far, I have never owned a camera and I intend buying in the near future. I want it to be conducive to snap B & W photographs.

I sincerely welcome your valuable opinions, either as amateurs or as professionals, on:
1) The type/make of camera best suited for B & W photos
2) Rolls to be used - again the possibilities/make etc.
3) Other valuable tips to ensure quality photography, with specific regard to B & W photos.
4) Specific URLs that you would like to recommend on this (search engine results are rather unwieldy on this !)

Awaiting for a downpour of knowledge ! Thanks & Regards,


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