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Jai Shri RAM!

Lakshmana was eagerly asking lord Rama to come to bed and have a bit
of fun while Seetha had stepped outsie for a bath.

"Okay, but I hope Seetha does not find out about this" saild lord shri Rama.

He quickly sat on the edge of the bed and Lakshmana sat on the floor
looking up between his legs. He already had a raging hardon of his
own, but he knew that his brother would soon be taking care of that
for him. As Lord Rama sat there Lakshmana slowly reached out and touched his
brother's hard smooth cock. He had never touched anybody else's before
and the smoothness of it gave him quite a thrill. He lowly rubbed it
up and down a few times and then hesitantly moved his face over it and
gave it a quick lick. The taste that greeted his tongue wasn't
anything like he had expected, kind of salty tangy, but not bad. He
quickly licked it again but this time around the head and then up and
down the shaft. This time when he stopped he peeked up at his brother.
Lord Rama was laying down now and he had his eyes closed, but Lakshmana could
see a slight smile crossing his lips. Taking that as a good sign he
decided to plunge right in and he put the throbbing cock in his mouth.
It tasted the same, only the thought of what he was doing for his twin
brother gave him a shiver of excitement that was unbelievable. He
started to lowly raise and lower his mouth over the burning hot shaft.
He kept imagining what he would be feeling like when his own cock
would be getting sucked and it seemed that he knew just what to do.
Before long he was moving his mouth up and down faster and faster and
he could feel his brother's cock seem to get bigger and bigger in his
mouth. He took a second to look up at Lord Rama and he was balling up his
fist and squeezing his eyes so tight that Lakshmana knew something was
right. So he quickly swirled his tongue over the throbbing head and
there was a slightly sticky goo on the end which blossomed into a
sweet/tangy flavor that he quickly knew he liked. He was moving his
head up and down at quickening pace that he knew would bring his
brother off soon. Then all of sudden his brother's cock swelled a bit
more, he raised his mouth for another plunge downward and there it
was. Great globs of cum. It was filling up his mouth so fast that he
thought he mind drown in it. But he was determined not to lose a drop.
So he started swallowing every delicious drop. Just when it seemed
that it was slowing down another spasm rocked his brother and there
was more. Lakshmana thought to himself that this was great. So he kept
moving up and down and swallowing. Then Lord Rama, who was really
sky-rocketing off lifted his hips and pushed his cock a far as he
could. This action forced his cock more than a little ways farther
into Lakshmana's mouth. It slid right down to his throat and Lord Rama gave a
final spurt and he started to buck his hips which started a fu.cking
motion in his brother's mouth. Lakshmana soon realized that he needed his
relief too so he started backing off that throbbing hunk. With that
done Lord Rama started to come back down to earth.

"Wow Lord Rama you sure went off. I thought you would never stop shooting
that stuff", Lakshmana said as he was licking his lips.

Lord Rama was still gasping for breath when sat up and looked at his
brother. He could see a slight wetness around his lips where some of
his load had seeped out of his mouth."I don't know if I can do it as
good as you did, but I will try".

Jai Shri RAM!

"Okay, you lay down and let me see if I've got the right idea". Lakshmana
quickly laid down on the edge of the bed while Lord Rama sat on the floor.
Lord Rama looked up at the new and exciting tool of pleasure that was
staring him right in the face. He admired it's hardness. The way it
seemed to shine and throb with expectation. Then he noticed those two
b.a.l.l.s that were laying there also anting to be sucked. He moved up
between Lakshmana's legs and gently wrapped his hand around that wondrous
hunk of flesh and his other hand softly massaged those sweet looking
b.a.l.l.s. Without knowing why he ducked his head and ran his tongue along
the underside of that sack. He knew that maybe a sweet nectar was
waiting there ready to fill his mouth with something new. A pleasure
yet to be found. Next he opened his mouth and sucked one of those
tasty morsels in and rolled it around in his mouth. He was pleased
when he heard his brother let out a pleasurable sigh. It gave him the
incentive to go further still. As he continued to suck on those b.a.l.l.s
he ran his tongue over them, massaging them as if urging them to make
plenty of that sweetness. Then he let them out of his mouth with a
pop. He liked the feeling of knowing that he was doing something wild
and exciting. He grabbed the shaft and gently ran his teeth over it
next pretending it was an ear of corn. This was all new to him, but he
knew that it must feel great. After a few moments of this he could see
his brother starting to roll his head around on the bed and he smiled.
Then slowly he put his lips on the head and just sucked. He sucked
like he was sucking a fresh frozen milkshake that was too thick to go
through the straw trying to draw out just a taste of was yet to come.
Next he poked his tongue into the little hole in the end to see if
this would give him that sample that he so wanted. With that he was
rewarded. For just then a small drop of pre-come came back on his
tongue. He swirled it over his palette like it was caviar. Oh what a
treat he thought. I know I'll love the rest to come. So he quickly put
his mouth on that great piece of meat and slid all the way down until
he gagged just a little. Then he raised his head until he almost let
it fall out, but he quickly slid down it again. All the time he was
sucking his brother's cock he was imagining it was own that was being
sucked and this seemed to give the expertise that he needed to go on.

As for Lakshmana, he body was quickly rising to an unbelievable orgasmic
height that he couldn't believe. It started with a little twinge in
his sack has his brother rolled his b.a.l.l.s around in his mouth. Then
when Lord Rama nibbled on his cock it sent shivers up and down his spine.
But when his throbbing member was gobbled up almost to the root it was
almost to much to bear. He wished that it could go on like this

While Lord Rama was bobbing his head up and down that wondrous unk he was
still trying to think of a way that he could keep sucking while his
brother was shooting those thick globs of cum. Then a light went off
in his head. He quickly backed of the now glistening rod and said,
"Hey Lakshmana, I want to try something different. Why don't you stand up
on the side of the bed. Then I'll lay down on my back with my head
over the side. Then I'll open my mouth as wide as I can and you can
put your cock in a little at a time. I'll try to let you know if you
go to fast, but I bet if we do it right you should be able to put your
whole cock in my mouth and even down my throat".

Lakshmana was a little disappointed at having this change right in the
middle of what was going to be the best cum of his life, but when he
thought of fu.cking Lord Rama's mouth he was quick to jump off the bed.
Lord Rama quickly laid down close to edge of the bed and let his head drop
over the side. Lakshmana could hardly wait. As soon as Lord Rama opened his
mouth Lakshmana was right there to push his anxious cock into that warm wet
orifice. It was pretty hard to not just jam his throbbing rod right
in, but he didn't want to hurt his twin brother so he took it easy. He
slowly eased in the head and let that sit there waiting for his
brother to give the signal for more.

Meanwhile Lord Rama was really starting to enjoy the feel of this hot meat
sliding past his lips. As soon as his brother put his cock head into
his mouth he immediately started in with a hard sucking that he knew
would make Lakshmana's toes curl. But he didn't want his brother to shot
off to fast before he had a chance to get all of him in his mouth. So
he reached behind him with his hands and felt for Lakshmana's hips. When he
felt them, he held on and pulled forward to show that he was ready for
more.With this sign Lakshmana slowly started to push his eager cock into
that warm cavern of a mouth.

"This is fu.cking great", he sighed. "I wish I'd thought of it".

But Lord Rama could barely hear him as he was putting all his attention on
sucking that hard pillar down into is waiting throat. He had about
half of in by now and he was soon accustomed to the feel of it so he
pulled his brother in even more. At this point Lord Rama could just start
to fell it press against his throat. He felt a little gag at first,
but he told himself that would ruin it so he put it out of mind and
just kept inching farther and farther in. All the while he was
flicking his tongue over the shaft to keep it wet and slippery. Lakshmana
was nearly over the edge by this time, but he wanted to be able to
look down and see his whole cock disappear into that mouth so he tried
to think of something else that would keep him from shooting to soon.
There was only about an inch left now and Lord Rama was sure he could
finish this off with ease. So quickly pulled his brother's hip forward
with a jerk and was surprised and delighted when he felt his pubic
hair tickle his nose. His heart raced at the thought of having at
least six inches of hard throbbing cock laying in his throat just
waiting to explode at any time.

Lakshmana opened his eyes when he felt his hips bang Lord Rama's head and the
sight almost pushed him over the edge. But he wanted to get at least
three or four could thrusts down that wonderful throat before he
unloaded his thick supply of sweetness. So he slowly pulled back all
the way to the head and slowly pushed back in again, all the time
watching to see if Lord Rama showed any signs of distress. When he saw
none knew that he would be over the edge on his fourth plunge so he
decided to just go for it. Lord Rama also knew from that second push that
it was going to be easy to let that cock slide in and out as fast as
it wanted and he was ready With each stroke outward he kept his tongue
along the underside of the cock and then quickly swirled it around the
head before it started pressing forward again. With all this happening
to his prick Lakshmana was hard as rock and his eyes were glazing over. His
knees felt like jelly and his b.a.l.l.s were on fire. He pulled out for
the third time and quickly rammed it home again all the way to the
root and when he started to back off for the fourth time his toes
curled up and he felt liquid fire racing along the length of his cock.
He quickly pushed it back in that cavern of joy and there it was.
Great thick globs of cum were firing out of the end his prick. Lord Rama
was caught a little by surprise at the sudden rush of his brother. But
then he felt the cock twitch and swell even more so he pulled on
Lakshmana's hips to force the throbbing cock into his throat and just as he
did it let go with it first spurt of liquid treasure. This went right
past his tongue and down his gullet. Lord Rama was a little surprised at
how much actually came out. It felt like he had already swallowed a
whole cup full and it was starting to spasm again. By this time Lakshmana
was out of control. All he knew was that he wanted to plunge his cock
in and out as much as possible before the electricity that was running
from his toes to his scalp stopped. So he pulled out for another
plunge. When he did this his second spasm shot his load full onto
Lord Rama's tongue. Lord Rama had never imagined that the human body could
make something that tasted this delicious It was like ambrosia. It was
hot, but it was so sweet that it made his head spin. He hoped that
there was more. So to help it along he started sucking again. When
Lakshmana felt the renewed sucking it was all he could do not to yell out.
But instead he just pistoned his cock into those lips like a battering
ram. When he shot his third load it just sort of trickled out of the
head and the electricity in his back kind of ran out with it. But he
gave one final thrust to be sure there was no more and then he just
leaned over and rested his head on his brother's stomach to catch his
breath. But Lord Rama was so caught up in the act that he was still
sucking that wondrous meat trying to get another few drops across his
tongue. He must have sucked for another minute or two when he realized
that his brother was through and just has he was letting the now soft
prick slide from his lips he caught one last drop from the head that
he quickly licked away and rolled around his mouth.

By this time Lakshmana was coming back to earth and he realized that Lord Rama
was licking his lips and smiling at him. "Jai Shri Ram!" He said between gasps and
the brothers hugged each other.

Lakshmana asked Rama "My dear brother, did seetha's pussy ever feel as good as my
mouth sucking on your cock?"
Lord Rama gave a benevolent smile and said "Lakshman, I will ask seetha
to open her pussy for you once. Taste it and find out for yourself!"


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