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Four years are almost over. What these BJP and their coalition partners have achieved?

Let us do a honest analysis, without bias.

The best thing they have done is on the diplomatic front. Jaswant and Mishra are to be appreciated for that.

The next thing is the road project linking all the metros(golden quadrilangle or something like that). I have seen the six lane highways and it will benefit the country immensely after a few years. The results will be slow, but that is one best thing. Its vajpayee's personal project and kudos to him for that.

On the NRI front,the dual citizenship and aggressive postures to Malaysia and other related things were really good. May be becos, they are closer to the diaspora than other parties, but anyhow the forex reserves are all time high and this is very good. FII's have flocked in the recent past, and sensex has reached new highs. Good.

They have made the education as a justiciable, fundamental right. But we have to see the impact on the ground level.

Recently i have moved to Manipur, and there is a big difference there. Vajpayee after takin over has ordered compulsory allocation of 10% from all all india projects for the north-east and they have started a lot of developmental projects there. Even we have now got three projects and in another three-four years, the region will be different from now. They desperately needed this. Ofcourse, the law and order there has to still improve.Thats one area of disappointment. We expected more from iron man, LKAdvani!

Major disappointment is the tackling of kashmir terrorists, further liberalisation(esp labour reforms) and we expected more performance from BJP.

Ofcourse, last is the Ayodhya disappointment, but we can tolerate that if there is progress on economic front.


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