New Year REsolutions

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What are the new year resolutions this time? For me, in the coming New Year i have decided to make these come true(let us keep unacievable targets ,anyhow i am not going to keep the reolves for long!):

1.Making peace with Punnakai(oops sorry..hai).

2.Accepting Cp.Rev.Immanuel as Dr.Immanuel and decent fellow who thinks sane(following the footsteps of our r.s.s(i mean resident smileys).

3.Not getting provoked by our resident teravadicster and calling monks as simply monks( saw that others too started calling them with the 'sters'...already my 5m term has been pirated and has become popular in yahoo groups too! no more new terms!!).

4.Start writing some serious write-ups in FH (acceding to the requests made by some protestant FHrs to bring out the atrocities made by the Roman Catholic Church with references which can be independently verified by those who smile!).

Hehe....all FHrs can write on their new year resolves(need not necessarily be of this type ..but some serious things too!).


~peace loving(in 2003) cholan~


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