The danger of leaving ones real name/nickname in a forum hub.

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Hello. Telling you who I am and where I am is very dangerous. To those of you who leave your real name or a nickname by which another person knows you is dangerous especially if that person is after you. Someone I know is in alot of trouble
at the moment. A few weeks ago, that perso came to
this Forum Hub and stumbled upon threads which accused one Indian swami who will also go unmentioned of pedophilia. I cannot even release the name of that person due to security reasons. When this man saw the things that were being said about this swami, he was horrified. He started to say something but then he backed off. Because the week before, he talked to an Indian woman who is a devotee of this swami and then as they were talking, this woman began to talk about things that made her angry in the past. As the woman was talking, she started to become angry in the tone of her voice and was shouting at her friend. As a result, this man was too scared to say anything as
he thought "If my devotee friend sees me here she will be angry." Unfortunately, he posted that same statement along with the name by which the Indian woman knows him in one of the threads accusing the swami of pedophilia. As a result, this poor man became an object of ridicule etc.. from other Forum Hubbers. One thought he was a schizophrenic needing treatment, other devotees of this swami thought that he was behind the rumours circulating about the swami. And he told the forum hubbers about the phone conversation he had with this Indian woman. Somehow at some point the Indian woman figured out that her friend was here and now she is out for revenge. This happened because this man was very careless with what he said in this hub. He left a name by which several people in the Hindu community know him and now one of those people maybe after his hide, he said the wrong things which also got him into trouble so now he will have this Indian woman to face up to. If people would be more careful with what they say and the names they use, none this would happen. Not only to the person I am talking about but other Forum Hubbers who are also in hiding. The moral of this story is do NOT leave names in a chat room by which people know you.

Thank you for hearing my story.


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