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Hi Friends,

Most of you might have experienced problem with many calling cards. They promise big minutes and big clarity. But most of them are cheating. The main issue I faced are,

1) Hidden charges which are not listed in the card details. ( Minutes and Dollars will go away without using it).
2) Wrong minute rounding ( Will promise 1 minute rounding but won't)
3) Main issue I faced is minute calculation. When we call, it says 15 minutes remaining but the call will end in 10 minutes.
4) Disconnecting automatically after few minutes talk.
5) No proper connection. Will not connect but minutes will be deducted...

I faced the above problem with "India Special" card available in Please do not buy this card. The "Arcade" card available in is good. But they reduced from 80 min to 74 minutes for $10 for India, last week.

Friends can share the same experience with alll in forum. As calling cards are part of everyday life who are in US. The bad quality cards spoils our mood when we are talking with our family in India.

If you share your experience with details, It may help many people and will avoid buying junk phonecards.


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