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I thought it would be a nice idea to share some nice experiences, facts and trivia about the places we have visited. This would also encourage others to travel more.

By vaalibargaL, I include boys, girls, men and women of all age!!

I start with my experiences during a visit to Thailand. I was fascinated to see the "Ayyuthaya ruins" Thailand people believe that their kings are descendants of Lord Rama. The ceremonial title of their kings is "Rama." This Ayyuthaya is the place where Lord Rama was born and ruled the country, according to their legend. Especially in the night time, the place was nicely lit and it looked great. The thai people also have a version of Ramayana where their queen is kidnapped by a demon and Rama wages a war to rescue her. However, the demon in this version has 10 heads all placed one on top of another as a vertical column!!

So guys, shoot now your own experiences and facts.


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