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Dear fellow forum hubbers ,
As today is the 2nd anniversary of sept 11 2001 Terrorist attack on the U.S,I present to you a very realistic scenario of terrorism.Please read and respond at vijayakant@rediffmail.com :-

WHAT IF A PLANE ,OF 300 PASSENGERS, IS HIJACKED AND TAKEN TO A HOSTILE PLACE,SAY PESHAWAR IN PAKISTAN.The ransom they demand is, a VVIP who is the "key to India's existence "say like the President/P.M/A key scientist/opposition leader/an industrialist like-Mukesh ambani etc, in EXCHANGE for the Hostages.

Now how do you deal with this situation ? This is my QUESTION TO ALL THE FORUMHUBBERS !!

Storming is out of question as the plane like IC814 ,is in a hostile territory.
Handing over this key person jeopardises the country's defence and financial progress at the same time not doing so will put an end to hostage's lives.
If we give the "key person" as ransom,we will be setting a very bad precedent and similar incidents will take place robbing us of "Key persons " of national importance.Also it will give the impression that India is a soft state.
U.S (especially after 9/11 tragedy) and Israel have a policy of not compromising on terrorism.The U.S will shoot down any hijacked plane if it is used against U.S target of national importance.
So how will india deal with the Scenario I have mentioned ?



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