Tracing T he Origin Of Thigalas/Vannikula Kshatriyas Of Karnataka

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it is a well known fact that thigalas of bangalore speak a dialect of tamil and it is widely believed that generations ago this community was translocated from some region of tamilnadu to bangalore by the mugal ruler Hyder ali. I am seriously interested in tracing the roots of this community. It may help to know that this community worships goddess draupathi and perform annual karaga/karagam at various dharmarajaswamy temples that this community has built. The world renowned city of bangalore also known as garden city because of its botanical gardens of lalbagh and cubbon park, these parks are testimony to the horticultural skills of this community.
I herewith request intellectuals, historians,curators and custodians of historical documents both of the states of karnataka and tamilnadu to provide any information on the above subject or even information on possible sources of records or documentation. you may also email me or
Thanking you all in advance


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