The Star programs of Tamils actors-a good sign?

Topic started by Suresh Babu (@ on Tue Jun 3 04:55:11 .
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Tamil actors found a new idea to bag additional
Crores of money. The tasted the experience in Malaysia and Singapore. Now they target U.K. and
They told that this is for the the film producers
those who were suffered.
Sufered means what? If their rotation became lakhs
from Crores they called as suffered.
How many people are suffering even for food?
If Vijay Kanth(Nadigar Sanga Thalaivar) conduct
such a program for affected weavers(Nesavu thozhilaali) or farmers(vivasaayi) it is appreciable.
Youngsters went to those countries after a big
struggle, to earn something. The actors and film
makers are beggers?


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