Halal - An another way of UNTOUCHABILITY

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Muslims - especially tamil muslims whenever they go out of India, they are much concentrated on this word 'Halal' particularly if there are 2 or more muslims around. Whatz the real meaning for the word Halal?! Why do they are looking for this symbol in food items?! The muslims are not even ready to eat the chicken which is not cutted by a non-muslim. Even in some countries, muslims says the very famous KFC is not a Halal food. If one says 'Allahu Akbar' while cutting the chicken, then that food turns in to a Halal food. This is purely an another way of UNTOUCHABILITY. That means, muslims are not ready to take the food prepared by non-muslims. But in order to hide their illed-mentality they says 'Halal' is a scientific processing. In India in most of the muslim's houses dalits are working as labourers. But when the same muslim goes abroad, he is not ready to sit and eat with a non-muslim, particularly hindus. One muslim guy says that if a non-muslim's hair falls in to their food, then that food will be treated as HARAM (that is non-eatable item by a muslim). So on general, the muslims should not open or talk about hinduism, untouchability, etc...etc..in India. Whatz ur opinion guys?!


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