Tips to drive Telemarketers away

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I used to get annoyed when telemarketers used to call me. They used to call my wife day and night.But I found a way out. Surprisingly, they have stopped.

Here are some tips to drive Telemarketers crazy and have some fun:

1. When they are explaining put them on speaker and turn on TV at high volume.

2. Ask politely their home number. They can't give you one. Politely answer: So you know how annoying it is when a stranger calls you at home.

3. Put them on speaker and resume what you were doing. When the party has talked for 2 minutes interrupt by saying "Can you repeat from beginning please".

4. One of my friend was called up by a Detergent company. He said do you have anything for blood stain on carpet. The telemarketer was surprised and asked "What happened?" He replied I think I chopped all my fingers off and there is blood everwhere on carpet.

5. Put them on Hold and tell them you are on another line. After a while come back and say "Please stay . I am almost done." Go away again.

6. Ask the person how many kids he has. How old? Are they married? Are they seeing someone? How are the grades. Why is grade in Maths not good? What they can do about that? How is mother-in-law?
Keep on doing it until they they say, Sir I don't think you care.

Answer like: I thought talking about your mother-in-law is more interesting than your product.

Please remember these are just funny ideas and means no harm to anyone. It is a hard profession being a telemarketer but sometime it is annoying too.

Please contribute other funny ideas.


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