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Looks like the Taliban Tamils LTTE are at it again...Just like in Afghanistan, the decent Tamil civilians are caught under their evil with no way out.

Tamil Tigers accused of recruiting children

By Frances Bulathsinghala

JAFFNA, May 25: Human rights activists in Sri Lanka's northeast have accused the LTTE of going back on its pledge of not recruiting children. A statement on saturday said the LTTE was recruiting children between the ages of 14 and 15.

Residents claim that recruitment was being done through "motivation campaigns" carried out through "pro-peace political meetings".

These meetings, residents point out, usually end with screenings of videos of previous LTTE attacks in the Colombo region, with visuals of the bombing of the Colombo airport last year being most frequently used.

'DRESS CODE': In yet another development, the LTTE says it plans to set a date for a bonfire of pornographic videos and literature which the organization has collected in a crackdown described by the LTTE as an attempt to "purify" the Jaffna region of corruption.

Seen as another act of such "'purification", a girl in the country's eastern region who was wearing a knee length skirt was embarressed publicly after her skirt was cut to shreds by an LTTE area comander as an "example" of modest dressing.

The LTTE two months ago had decreed that all women should dress "modestly", advising them to wear saree or ankle length skirt (with the shalwar kameez usually worn by Tamils not encouraged as it was a "shared" dress of Muslims as well).


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