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A new Software has been released just now.(few seconds before)......
Here is the procedure for installing it...

MicroSoft 2002 OS

MicroSoft Windows 2002 OS Installation

->Please wait MicroSoft Windows 2002 is checking the CD DRIVE
CD DRIVE is Normal

Before inserting Windows 2002 CD. Rotate the CD on your desk.
If it rotates then
->Insert MicroSoft Windows 2002 CD
Wait for few minutes Windows 2002 is checking whether CD is working

CD DISK is Normal

Checking MsBoard
MicroSoft Windows 2002 is Upgrading MsBoard to MotherBoard
24 age....... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 months completed

Checking Ports
MicroSoft Windows 2002 found 18 Ships in two ports

Before Installing Windows 2002
Checking Hardware

Hard disk ----20 GB checked and hit with a hammer.
Hard disk is OK

Checking RAM ---- 128 MB
0% Used

Checking Keyboard
A B C D E F G H I J K ....... a b c d e f g .... OK
1 2 3 4 5 6 ... OK
F1 F2 F3.... OK
! @ # $ % ... OK
Esc Insert Home PageUp .....

108 Keys found on the Keyboard

Checking Mouse

Left Button Found
Middle Button Found
Right Button Found
Warning : 3 Buttons found and these buttons can be checked when you install
the MicroSoft Windows 2002 Successfully.

Checking Drivers & Conductors

8 Buses with Conductors found on the MotherBoard

-> MicroSoft 2002X is autosaving the above information
CD Drive
CD Disk


->MicroSoft Windows 2002 is trying to Install the OS
Ready.... Start ....1 2 3.....

->Before Formatting your Hard Disk.
Please enter how many sectors: 3
Microsoft Windows 2002 is dividing your hard disk into sectors
Public Sector
Please enter any two public sectors companies
Private Sector
Please enter any two private sectors companies

General Sector
MicroSoft Windows 2002 is locating General Sector.

one General Sector found.

Error: MicroSoft Windows 2002 found an OS "Windows 98" on your System.
MicroSoft Windows 2002 doesn't allow you to install OS on Old computers.

Shutdown your System and
Shut up and use Windows 98 !!!!!

Installation Success with an error

MicroSoft Windows 2002 is trying to uninstall the above components.

It's Now Safe to use Windows 98 OS.



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