Will USA support India if we attack UAE?

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Bin Laden is believed to be involved in the blasts in Newyork and is now hiding in Afghanistan. The Afghan Govt. is not ready to hand over Laden to USA as they feel sufficient evidences are not available with USA. (Whether they hand over him if sufficient evidences are produced, is a different question.) In this situation US decided to attack Afghanistan and replace the pro Laden Govt. in Afghanistan.
India was first among the countries to support the US attack. Almost all Nations are supporting America’s war against Afghanistan (a.k.a. War against terrorism).
Now let us compare this situation with Mumbai blasts and Davood Ibrahim. Indian Govt. have sufficient evidences against Davood but he is living (not hiding) in UAE. UAE Govt. is not ready to hand over him to India. In this context what will be the reaction of America and other world Nations if India decides to attack UAE?
While supporting USA in their war against terrorism, why India cannot ensure the support of USA in return like handing over of criminals hiding or living in Pakistan, Afghan or Gulf counties?


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