Superstitions: WHAT's and WHY's

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""Superstitions: Irrational Beliefs or Cultural Mores?
Yes, we are what we think.... our world and the people around us behave the way we expect them to... While as a species, some beliefs are common to us all many core beliefs and attitudes, like our superstitions, tend to be culturally-based. In fact our superstitions tend to define growth and evolution within our cultural frameworks.

Almost every culture is driven in some senses by the superstitions and beliefs held by the group.

Our Superstitions say a lot about who we are, how we feel and think about our world.

Those who choose to believe, find their world delivering what they expect.... and those who don't, are not affected....

So let's talk about Superstition...""

WHATs and WHY's.....
Lets Be Clear of certain things.......


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