does he really love me?

Topic started by confused gal (@ on Sun Jan 18 11:49:57 EST 2004.
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read this story and i need ur respond......

A boy is after a girl........after his first approach to the girl is rejected........he tried to approach her again after 4 yrs.....this gal agree to meet him........on their first meet, the gal ask the boy to forget her and tell that she desn't love him...she ask him to just be friends...but he says he cannot be friend with her coz he say it's difficult to have somethin else in heart and acting he ask her to give him chance (to meet him and know better about his character)....the girl agreed coz che though maybe this will work days go after days and the gal still meet the boy...

every day........he showered her with nice words.......make the gal feel in her own world.he always kept asking


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