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Respected Editor,

Subject :- U.S AGGRESSION !
The act of U.S. aggression on Iraq shows the
Cunningness of the Current U.S administration.First they made Iraq
accept "U.N Weapons inspectors ",some of whom may have been spies
of U.S/U.K.There after they forced Iraq by coercion to destroy its
stock of Al-samoud missiles,then by violating U.N Laws ,they
launched this attack on Iraq.
Our President,Dr.A.P.J. Kalam is absolutely right
that only "Strength respects strength".Likewise for the U.S and
it's allies,friendship is based on U.S.self interest,so every
nation is forced to strive its level best to be on the favourable
side of U.S. self interest.
What is of urgent necessity is for every nation
on earth,to co-operate with each otherinorder to possess
Unconventional Weapons of Mass Distruction and ICBMS ,that can
reach U.S.
Alternatively,the world should strive to weaken
U.S Politically,Millitarily and economically .One should no longer
respct Laws like CTBT or NPT or any other U.S sponsored law ,as
the Laws on non-proliferation are meant to U.S and weaken rest of
the world.
Let's hope that next year's U.S. elections bring
in a "Regime Change" in Washington,hearalding a more peace-loving

Your's Sincerely,


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