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In the present scenario, most couple adopt their second child, i.e. normal couples who biologically had their own first child, prefer to adopt a second one.

Other case is that, when one gets fed up to shell out money and torture one’s body with medication only to face a negative effect or cut a sorry figure and cry about the fate of not becoming a parent, then...such couples resort to adopting a child.

Now what are the procedures for adopting a child? I am sure many would know. This thread is just an eye opener for those who intend to, or interested in adopting a child.

Points to remember!

1. Its better to adopt from a legally recognised adoption centres, than adopting a child of your own kith and kins.

2. Be mature enough to understand and accept any child, irrespective of its physical apprearance, and forget about its religious background.

3. Do not think, illegitimate children, born out of wed-locks are poisonous weeds to the society.

4. Treat the child as ur own..infact in 1 to 2 months of bringing home of your child, you should just forget the fact that its adopted.

( believe me you will ! And its a pleasure the children catch up so much of your quality and style, that you rarely remember he or she adopted)


There is a centre called

VCA (Voluntary Co-ordination Agency)

This VCA has branches through out India.
They are just co-ordination centres bridging you and the adoption centres.

This centre keeps in touch with most of the adoption centres, and one can have a pleasant experience dealing with them.


Their procedues in brief.


It involves inspecting ur house, learning about u and ur spouse, ur intersts, your reason for adoption, your financial background, etc.

2. A report is then prepared which resembles a project file, and is kept with them.

3. A passport size or lil bigger photos of you and your spouse is taken.

4. As and when they feel any child MATCH UR LOOKS AND COMPLEXION (they ensure the child more or less resembles u, to avoid any embarassment for the child later on) they contact you to
come and look at the child.

There are certain norms which they follow.

1. Any couple beyond 35(age) - female and 40 (Age)- male cannot adopt infants .
2. One cannot adopt 2 children within the span of one year
3. One cannot adopt 2 children of same sex. (I.e. If u have a boy either adopted or
born to you biologically, then u are allowed only to adopt a girl)
4. One can reject maximum of only 2 children,(ONE CHILD AT A TIME) beyond that in case you reject, ur file is suspended, and you are considered not mature enough or broad minded to accept children.
5. You are allowed to see only one child at a time (they match the child's appearance with that of the family, and if satisfactory, then call you)
6. You can choose or specify the choice of sex you wanna adopt.
7. They do not reveal identity of the real parents to you, and vice versa. (The parents do not know who adopted their child)

Now, these ppl contact you, as and when they find a child suitable to you. They allow you to see the child, take FULL MEDICAL test for the child, and if you are happy with him or her, you need to pay CHARGES ON RETROSPECTIVE EXPENSES FOR THE CHILD.

They give a proper adoption certificate, thro the magistrate. She or he is registered under the court law as ur child.

The whole procedure may take about 3 months to 9 months depending upon how fast the child and you click

Then the bundle of joy is all yours!!!

Happy adopting !!!!!


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