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If you have a sinus problem, please understand it well.

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MEDLINEplus: Sinusitis -
The National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health) public database search engine. Extensive citations and information. -
A comprehensive site on sinusitis, one of the most common diseases. With sections on the related topics of allergy and asthma.
Sinus Center from Allergy Buyers Club -
Information for sinus, allergy and asthma sufferers.
SinuCare, Inc. -
A large amount of information and articles regarding sinusitis and treatment. Features a physician locator, email newsletter, and discussion forums.
Doctor Hazenfield in Hawaii -
With an illustration of the sinuses, a brief description, and treatment.
Acute Sinusitis Information -
description, facts, treatments, and links.
Sinusitis-Solutions -
Sinusitis and rhinology information from sinus specialist Vijay K. Anand, M.D.
Setliff Clinic: Allergies & Sinus Conditions -
Allergy and sinus specialists located in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.
Sinus Infection Center -
Information on sinusitis, the symptoms, how sinus get congested, and how to receive regular news updates.
Center for Chronic Nasal and Sinus Dysfunctions -
Information and help for those suffering from sinusitis, sinus problems, allergies and allergic rhinitis. Information on laser treatment study.
WebMD - Sinusitis -
An overview of the causes, risk factors, and symptoms.
Health factsheets from BUPA: Sinus drainage -
Concise factsheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treament of Sinus drainage, available for downloading in Adobe acrobat format.
Health factsheets from BUPA: Sinusitis -
Concise factsheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treament of Sinusitis, available for downloading in Adobe acrobat format.
Pharmacists' Tips for Sinusitis -
Information on properly blowing your nose to prevent potential sinus problems.
Ear Nose and Throat Information Page -
Dr. Peter Casano's information center for sinus and nasal topics, includes a detailed 3D image atlas.
Acute Sinus Infection -
Information about this disorder, sinusitis, including treatment, contagiousness, chronic conditions, antibiotics, and face pain.


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