British Writer Calls for ‘Regime Change’ in U.S., Calls it ‘Rogue State’

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British Writer Calls for ‘REGIME CHANGE’ in U.S., Calls it ‘ROGUE STATE’

LONDON, August 9 (IslamOnline & News Agencies) – The Independent’s Adrian Hamilton criticized the United States Friday, August 9, as a country whose government has no majority, refuses arms monitoring and locks up its opponents without trial, and called for a pre-emptive strike against it to “save the world a heap of trouble.”

Citing examples of historical leaders, including Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Hitler, whose earlier containment could have spared the world millions of lives and much destruction, Hamilton argues that U.S. President George W. Bush did something last week to set out the parameters to the writer’s proposed pre-emptive action.

“We owe it to the future of civilization not to allow the world's worst leaders to develop and deploy and therefore blackmail free countries with the world's worst weapons,” Hamilton quoted Bush as saying last weekend, mocking the U.S. president’s definition of such enemies of the people as regimes intent on building up weapons of mass destruction, oblivious of international law and U.N. resolutions, governments who imprisoned their opponents without trial and who could not claim democratic legitimacy at home.

“Significantly,” said the British writer, “nowhere in the series of speeches he made this week did Mr Bush actually name these rogue regimes. But it is pretty clear reading the descriptions whom he must have meant. The government which is spending by far the most on weapons of mass destruction, and is now planning to raise its budget by an increase greater than the total defense spending of Europe, is, of course, based in Washington. Not only is it building an arsenal the like of which the world has never seen, it has unilaterally withdrawn from the treaties designed to limit the spread of nuclear weapons, and has refused to accept any kind of international monitoring of its chemical or nuclear weapons facilities.

“It has a government in power without the legitimacy of a democratic majority, in the hands of a coterie from a single part of the country and clearly aiming at a dynasty of rule. Its rhetoric is one of violent aggression against anyone seen as its enemies. Its opponents are locked up without trial or the right to habeas corpus.”

There are those who say the U.S.'s threats are greatly exaggerated, said Hamilton, and the rhetoric of world mastery must not be confused with a real intention of using its weaponry in defiance of international law. True, it has a history of interfering with and invading its neighbors – Panama, Grenada, Haiti et al. But since the long and debilitating war in Vietnam, it has kept largely to its own region.

The U.S. has a peculiarly obnoxious regime, ready to poison its own people with corrupt capitalism and deregulated pollution, he said. “But give it time, and pressure from the outside world, and it will pay up its U.N. dues, rejoin the nuclear proliferation pacts and the Kyoto treaty and start behaving as a responsible member of the community again.”

“Washington has showed itself determined to enforce its hegemony, come what may,” Hamilton added. “It has shown itself ready to use weapons of aerial bombardment that make no discrimination between combatants and civilians, to show precious little remorse when it is guilty of ‘mistakes.’

“It is no friend of democracy, having announced its refusal to deal with the only two elected leaders of the Islamic world – Khatami in Iran and Yasser Arafat in Palestine, the latter the only Arab leader ever elected with western observers checking the process. The country has armed and succored state terrorism and assassination by the Israelis. It has installed the worst sort of warlord gangsters in Afghanistan and, according to ‘intelligence’, been party to upsetting [albeit briefly] the elected president of Venezuela. The world cannot afford to await its next move.”


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