English Is a Funny Language

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English is a funny Language

You will have to agree that it is not everday that you hear of a person criticizing the most widely spoken language in the history of our planet ,one which is used by 1/7 human beings around the globe.English has acquired the
largest vocabulary of all world's languages,perhaps as many as 2 million
words,and has generated one of the noblest bodies of literatures of the human

Nonetheless,englisg is a crazy language-the most lunatic,wacky,idiotic and
nutty of all the languages,
the blackbird hen is brown....
blackboards can be green or blue...
blackberries are green and red before they are ripe...

Even if blackberries were really back and blueberries really blue ,what are
strawberries ,huckleberries and gooseberries supposed to look alike ?


there is no butter in buttermilk,
grape in grape fruit,
neither pine or apple in pineapple
and no ham in hamburger.

Paradoxes and eccentricities of english are it's trademark.That's why hot
dogs can be cold,home work can be done in school.Hours,especially like
rush hour and happy hour last more than 60 minutes.Quick sand works very
slowly,boxing rings are square,silverware and glasses can be made of plAstic
and tablecloth of paper.Most bathrooms don't have a bath.And it is not
bizzare we go to bathroom in order to go to bathroom?

Why we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway ?Why nose runs and feet
smell? The bus goes back and forth between the terminal and airport.Hmm
mass confusion.Don't you have to go forth before you can go back? ...

Some times a bearer might say- a hot cup coffee for you sir.Who cares
if the cup is hot? Some sign reads "watch your head".Trying to watch
your head is like trying to bite your teeth.And also never catch a
non-stop flight,you will never come down.

You will hAve to marvel at the unique lunacy of english language,in which
your house can simultaneously burn up and down,in which your alarm clock
goes off by going on ,and in which you first chop down a tree,and then you
chop it up.



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