The distortion of Indian and Tamil History and Culture

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We have seen many efforts to distort Indian and Tamil history and culture. Why? Lets first try to list some recent examples:

i)first claiming/trying to establish that Tamils and closely related to Africans
ii)certain countries of north Indian descent are in fact Tamil decendants from parts of India - eg.finding out Tamil names first, then claiming that such names are found in countries with noth indian descendants.
iii)after trying to establish that north indian desctamils, then further try to establish that they are westernised and hence bad.
iv)when certain factors and questions were raised,
supported by historic proof, you can see how efforts have been made to confuse the initial objectives eg. changing east indian descent to west indian descent.
v)Trying to claim that Hinduism, an older religion and one closer to the truth where the others came from, should not be held in higher esteem. Remember:
-a copy taken from the original, never have the same quality, especially when the use aims at a lower standard and slower pace

Indians, Tamils and Hindus should not just stand and let their culture and heritage be distorted and misued for the wrong ends. Hindus do not force people to convert - that shows the confidence of Hindus in Hindusim. Hindus are envied for their originality and those with nothing to lose will do what they to down hindus and the hinduism. They can't claim in this glory when they wnat to claim superiority and originality.

It is from Hinduism that all great things come. It is hinduism that gives all that is great. Every thing good that were said and done by others, were said and done by hindus before, even when assembled and built on by others for other purposes. We are indeed the initiator and originator of all good things and we ought to be proud and because we know what we know, we must therefore learn to ignore false challenges.


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