the importance of indian culture in sex

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hi ,
iam very glad to tell u that iam a male,25yrs from india but still never had any sexual experience till now,not even the so called tiffins.if there is someone to talk about this ,especially among guys ,i think iam the best to talk about as iam doing my medicine and know most details about sex and its anatomy.well let me tell u my opinion now.

it appears to everyone that, y is the need of inhibiting the sex feelings wen one feels so happy in sex and it feels like hell or more than that if u r restricted from these comforts(even i felt so since my 15yr age till 2 or 3 years back as i was not matured enough to know its importance in the human values and the emotions and affections in the families).afterall everyone has that sexual desire.then tell me y do u think indian culture was made so,did they gain anything by making such restricted culture .just ask urself.ok u may find some silly answers like, its the ignorance of indians at that time, of being afraid to live comfortably and to beleiving in god, and beleiving that god will get angry if we live happily and sort like that.i agree most of the taboos in our culture have come like that,which is so unfortunate for such a gr8 country which is now called a country full of superstitions.but coming to sex,its not ignorance that made them to follow the so called indian culture.its their maturity about living, that made them to build this indian culture.let me tell u now how?
if the sex is as free as anywhere else ,then there definitely will be fights and quarrels among the people for sex as they wont be satisfied with sex with one person and none lives peacefully and there would be violence everywhere with full of hypocracy everywhere.but most important thing that happens is we lose feelings like love among two souls(not two bodies which r mortal)and centiments and caring for each other would be lost,everyone becomes a sex maniac.animals can be like that as they dont remember anything and they wont have any centiments ,but we r humans and humans need feelings,centiments and emotions to live with coordination and to live happily.even i got frustated 2 yrs back for not having sex for solong till 23(2yrs back)and hated this culture so much.but that provoked me to go deep into this field and to test the rights and wrongs of this culture where ever i was.i realised the importance of not involving in sex before marriage only wen i watched some wonderful indian movies(in telugu)which showed so much human values (in some of the lovestories and other movies),which will die if we get involved in sex before marriage.after marriage even indian culture doesnt restrict sex with partner,infact it encourages so much.there r so many great books about sex and the ways how to enjoy it in some books called vatsayana and kamasutras etc written even 3000 yrs ago.well i agree onething was foolish to make people just blindly beleive in some principles which appears so ridiculous for a common man as he doesnt find anything harm in sex before marriage or sort of.but its very difficult to teach all people about the importance of the indian culture as it was not advanced that time and not many showed interest in learning something ,as getting bread to live was their main ambition that time which was so difficult then.
ok,hope i didnt bore anyone by saying too much of nonsense,i just wanted to share my feelings with someone and i had a chance i just told it here.its upto u if u r convinced or not.


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