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Think of how the world will be ten years from now. A wired world. Halls
without walls. Much of the technical problems with the net and broadband are
solved (just like TV now). International conversation is as cheap as local
conversation. Wireless is everywhere. Pressure has finally succumbed and the
villages in Tamilnadu are also wirelessed.

People have figured out that brains and the output of brains are worth more
than the price of a computer and ongoing wireless charges. So villages
become attractive locations as telecottage service hubs. Many fed up with
city life go into the larger villages. Tamils in Tamilnadu have wired
themselves with Tamils overseas. Overseas Tamils act as trade ambassadors.

With all the technical problems solved, communications becomes a problem.
People are misunderstanding each other because they are not good in any
language. Or they have stage fright. Or they have weak interpersonal skills.
Or weak conflict resolution skills. Many think that between Tamil and
English, Tamils are better at having themselves better understood in Tamil

There is a great demand for services. But the jobs require networking
skills - ability to communicate; to influence; to take risks; to work in
groups; to resolve conflicts amicably; self-confidence; a life-long learning
orientation; the ability to research information and synthesise it, to
motivate people.

What kinds of jobs will be created? Tamil writers for Tamil diaspora
magazines, Tamil public relations experts, Tamil online producers, Tamil
online marketers, Tamil sales people, Tamil financial professionals, Tamils
who bridge the online and offline world, Tamil wordsmiths, Tamil researchers
who understand English and Tamil, Tamils who bridge the Tamil world with the
non-Tamil world, diaspora Tamils who act as trade ambassadors for in-country
Tamil service producers, Tamil historical tourist guides, Tamil nature
tourist guides, Tamil online tutors.

Besides these, what other jobs do you think would be hot in 10 years time?

How do you think we can prepare for them?



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