India 'SHINING' And Its Prime Minister !!!

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A 'SHINING' Prime Minister for 'SHINING' India !

"KYA Paagal Log he Thum"

Once Vajpayee asked: “Kya aap log koi doosra pradhan mantri to nahin la rahe” (Are you bringing another PM?)

Still Vajpayee is the best choice as Prime Minister for developing India's economy...
He can lead the nation to world's super power easily..

He has;
Silver in his hair,
Gold in his teeth,
Stones in his kidney,
Steel in his knees,
Sugar in his blood and
Gas in his ass!
A real 'shining' prime minister for 'shining' India..

And don't go far behind - very confidential;
An ideal prime minister [having a daughter but has no wife and not married yet!]
A joking prime minister and poet [with serious lies on his lips as it needed]
A 'brahmacharian' prime minister [still lives with his female college class-mate.. (mother of her 'step-daughter').. Please don't listen to recent rumors about his disturbing affairs with actress Monisha Koirala]
A wine addict prime minister [who can't sleep without having a bottle before sleep]


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