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First of all, let me congratulate the LTTE and their global puppets. After 20 years of child recruitment, suicide bombings, & political assassinations, the ethnically homogeneous, semi-Marxist, Tamil Eelam is no longer a jungle fantasy, but an actual dictatorship with a soon-to-be recognized landmass. Now South Asia's most wanted man, once confined to a monkey infested hideout, is free to chide the democratic world for all it's shortcomings. The Hitler proto-type of a much smaller scale can now boast of wielding power a few hundred miles from where he once sent Rajiv packing (for good, incidentally), and in fact, the very same place where he made fool's work of Rajiv's IPKF. Indeed, when school children in the NE are forced to pay homage to the "martyrs," the murderous deeds of this man will become a celebration of the founding of a nation.

Who would have imagined that after all the drug-smuggling, illegal arms/refugee trafficking, and crimes against humanity, it would come to this? But now that the rat has come out of its hole, reality is nevertheless calling the usual LTTE propaganda is no substitute for a viable economy, nor press freedom, nor education. In other words, the barbarians of the Sri Lankan army may have gone home, but now the Eelamists are faced with a much bigger task than exaggerating non-existent HR violations. Right. Like running a country. Well, to be brief, one doesn't have to be all that brilliant to guess what this mess will amount to. Some thoughts:

Economy: After Rajiv, expect 0% foreign investment. Subsistence farming will be the norm. As in Communist countries, the gap between rich and poor will be enormous. Trade is a myth. Instead of economic growth, aid agencies will be knocking at the back door indefinitely.

Education: This is no doubt the biggest reason why overseas Tamils will refrain from living in Eelam. After all, few parents, much less their children would consider North Korea a valuable option for studies. As in that country, economic concerns will undershadow the entire school system. Many, if not most children will be undernourished and find it more productive to stay home and help in the subsistence-based farming. In the midst of inevitable humanitarian crises (note the famines in North Korea, for instance) and an enormous scarcity of resources (just about everything is a luxury in Communist countries), most children will leave school at a young age to tend to the farm work. The enormously rich, those with some sort of party affiliation, will send their children overseas. In regards to the curriculum, it will, of course, toe the party line. A history book, for example, will fail to mention the banning of the Tigers as terrorists in numerous countries, instead exploiting the deeds of Prabhakaran as glorious and heroic.

Government: The Tigers will never share power, much less give it up. Higher-ups, a sort of Tamil Politburo, will handpick the party brass. In this scenario, democratic elections obviously have no role. Naturally, a dictatorship survives by wielding enough terror into every sector of society it manages to influence (which in this case will amount to ~99.9%, given the tiny landmass). So don't expect Prabhakaran and his cronies to respond to international pressure, or even the complaints of local people. There's not much use in questioning the accountability of handpicked goons who, despite their unenvious party affiliations, nevertheless rule by the gun.
We have seen how three of the most important pillars of society will function in Tamil Eelam. And no, the racist South can't be blamed this time. At some point in time, those overseas Tamils who supported the so-called "struggle" will begin to see their folly. The folly of Tamil Eelam. Good riddance to bad trash.


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