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Here's my own story on divorce- if you care to know.

I'm m/30 and was married for about 15 months. What we and everyone thought would be an ideal marriage turned out to be an awful experience.

I believe that a spouse should realize that being independent is a good thing once in foreign shores. At least well educated, and communicative spouse would aim for the same. I believe that sitting at home, watching films all day, waiting to be ferried to the store, being totally inactive at all cannot be tolerated by any reasonable husband. Besides, we had all the amenities, I did do my best.

Every attempt to inculcate an useful skill such as driving, going to school, getting a job was met with resistance. No, said person wanted a life of leisure and nil activity. Needless to say, the effect of all the above resulted in excessive poundage, and a dull demeanor. Whither the ambition? Why weren't the active, skilled women around us, and their independence rubbing off on her?

Enough said, I had to file, and it had a positive effect on my being. The usual hoohaa ensued from the families, but I stood my ground. Thanks to an excellent lawyer, I got a fair deal and it was over. Relief....nay, waves of exhilaration swept over me. I was happy at last.

I expect that as a young man, life has more in store for me, good things hopefully. I met with a support group for young divorced people - some had similar stories, some had some domestic abuse. But we were all glad to be out of it.

When a story such as mine appears in the forum, the usual tendency is to judge and berate the husband every time by female respondents. That might happen this time too, but anyways that was my experience.

Newly divorced,


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