What modern Tamil poetess thinks?

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Here are some free verse translations of poems published in Aval Vikatan.Can you react?

Were you that Cyclone?

Mu.Jarina Begum

My pa who used to be,
A squirming insect before his boss,
Showed his bravery,
By throwing the dinner plate,
At you dear

My sis, who never got wed,
Shook you like a grass.
And asked you dear,
“Why did you make me at all?”

My bro , whose greatness,
Lied in stealing your only bangle,
To bet for his rummy stakes, dear

You who was crumpled by all , Dear
Used your all,
To send me in uniform,
Washed and pressed , Dear

You were my epitome,
Of What Christ Called,
Humility my Dear.

It was shock to me my dear,
To find a souvenir,
Of your College days,
And to read,
That fire-raising essay,
On Female Rights, My dear.

How Can I forget?


I could forget,
What you talked.
What you wore,
The breeze that you Enjoyed, Dear.
But, the breath that you left behind,
Is strolling in my room, My Dear,
And tell me Dear,
How I can forget it.

How , How?


To make that sweet dawn,
A little beauty,
You could have woken me up with a kiss, My dear
Or You could have gently,
Caressed my hair,
Or you could keep your face on mine,
And wake me ,
By the pleasant irritation,
Of your moustache,
Or you could prettily massage ,
My fingers one at a time.
But You Chose , dear,
To shout at me, Hey useless ,
And shook me , of my dreams , Dear.

I Want you my Dear

Guha Priya

I want to be on your laps,
As a tiny tot, Darling,
I want to embrace you ,
As thine dear Mummy, Darling,
I want to Choke you,
In a tight embrace ,
Like your sweet heart, Darling
I want to fall ,
On your consoling shoulders,
As your dear friend, Darling
I want to console you,
With care , Darling
I want to lead you ,
In paths nice and good,
As your well wisher, Darling
I want to be your all, Darling
But What would you,
Like me to be , Darling.


Talk with love,
Hear with care,
Be Natural,
Then what else,
I would love you,
Even one second,
If you are not there,
I will feel miserable.

With Care
Shubha Sree
I have kept them ,
With Care,
Those Daily ,
Calendar sheets,
Which I tear,
For they carry,
Of What I talked,
Day in and Day out.

Mother Roof

Rudhra Bala

With only night as shadow,
In front of the shopping mall,
What did the lady ,
Fresh from the delivery , do?
Did she lie on her back,
Or did she prevent the moons light?


Nesa Mani
She would have been upset . then
My Mummy dear, Then
For the harsh words , I used,
Today, I use all my tiredness,
After a days work,
To Make A Dosa.
With Tears in my eyes.
As Another Mummy,
In Another generation.



Is it a boy,
Or is it a girl,
Leave that question,
For some time later, dear
Carres her hair,
Kiss her forehead,
With Care in your voice,
Ask her,
“You Came again ,
To life after such pain.”
Hear her heart’s murmurs,
Enquire the pains inside,
As a a life partner,,
That is only right.

You are my everything


You Like to give me pain,
And I like to be pained,
For Are you not,
My Pain, Dear.

Silk Saree in five colours


If you ask me,
Panchavarnam is the belle,
Of my village dear.

Her lips are rose,
Her shoulders are yellow.
Her hair is black,
Her teeths are white,
Her ear lobes are red.

I will always think,
That her parents,Named her ,
After a lot of thought.

In one hand with the sweet in stick,
And in another, my friend Panchavarnam,
Life used to be great.

One day morn,
My friend got married,
What a beauty she was,
In that Sari of five colours,
I never left her side,
As her dearest friend.

Next time when I went back,
Saw I shock,
That my friend Panchu,
Was wearing a Sari of white.
I sobbed,
You are ugly , my darling.

Said she,
He has gone to the God

I felt bad,
That he went to his God,
With her Silk Sari,
In Five colours.

If you happen to meet,
That God,
Please bring back,
That silk sari,
With five colours.

Post Box

Mu.Jarina Begum

Did that box blush red,
Because of the letter of love,
That daily falls on her.


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