Reasond for the fall of DMK Govt in this May 2001 Election

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Dear friends,

Could you please figure out what is the main reason for this AIADMK's grand victory over ruling DMK.

As there was no "wave" before the elections, it was really difficult to figute out which party would win. (Do not consider few politicians saying "I know already that JJ will win")

I just have few points...

1.Water problem in Chennai-"Krishna River water
plan did not workout against water scarcity"
What happened to the crores of Rs spent for that?

2.Farmers especially Kaveri delta area were affected very badly due to Kaveri water dispute.
It was not solved properly.

3.Tea estate workers problem in Ooty district never solved.

4."Samathuvapuram" was not a solution for the
crores of people who can't havt to afford a house.

5."uzhavar Market" did not impess the public so much.

6.Sandalwood "Veerappan" case mystery and the involvement of Nedumaran.

7.Commenting badly now and then about "Hinduism"

8.Could not control Azagiri's activities and violence due to that.

9.So much importance to Stalin may be one of the reasons.

10.Kicking the ladder "TMC" after DMK slowly started showing their real "colour"

11.Did not want to find out the root cause for the violence in southern districts and punish the
anti-social elements.

Election time faults:

1.Vazhappadi Ramamorthy Vs Ramdass friction was
not properly handled and biased statement in favour of VR even though he does not have much votebank.

2.Sudden importanct to Kannappan and MDMK's withdrwal

3.Oppurtunistic alliance with BJP

4.Supporting all Caste oriented "Mushroom" parties.

There are few things done by DMK Govt...

DMK Govt done a good job for the IT Industry development (Tidal Park)

Still ...I expect more reasons for this change..
Please write ur opinions..


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