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Hello Friends
I have just completed MCA and preparing for interview. It would be a great help for me if any one you provide answers for the following questions in JAVA.
Thanks in advance
1. Why is java not fully objective oriented?
2. Explain 2-tier and 3-tier architecture?
3. What are statements in Java?
4. What are Normalization Rules? Define Normalization?
5. What does class loader mean? How many types are there? When will we use them?
6. What is difference between Process and Thread?
7. What is the base class for all swing components?
8. What is lightweight component?
9. How do you communicate in between Applets and Servlets?
10. What do you mean by Socket Programming?
11. How can two threads be made to communicate with each other?
12. What is a socket and server sockets?
13. What is InetAddress ?
14. What is datagram and datagram packets and datagram sockets?
15. What is context switching?
1. Can you load the server object dynamically? If so what are the 3 major steps involved in it?
2. What is serializable interface?
3. What is client server computing?
4. What is the exact difference in between Unicast and Multicast object? Where will it be used?
5. What is the main functionality of the remote reference layer?
6. How do you download stubs from Remote place?
7. What is the difference between RMI registry and OS Agent?
8. How will you pass parameters in RMI? Why do you serialize?
9. What are the services in RMI?
10. What does a stub mean?
11. What does a skeleton mean?
12. What is meant by serialisation and deserialisation?
13. What is meant by RRL?
14. What is the use of TL?
15. What is RMI Registry?
16. What is rmic?
17. How will you pass parameter in RMI?
18. What are the steps involved in RMI?
19. What is meant by bind(), rebind(), unbind() and lookup() methods
20. What class is used to create Server side object?
21. What class is used to bind the server object with RMI Registry?
1. What is the protocol used by server and client?
2. What are session variable in servlets?
3. How do you invoke a Servelet?
4. Can we use threads in Servelets?
5. What is the difference between doPost method and doGet method?
6. What is HTTP Tunneling
7. How do you load an image in a Servlet ?

1. How will you perform truncation-using JDBC?
2. What is the latest version of JDBC? What are the new features added in that?
3. How you can know about drivers and database information?
4. What situation, each of the 4 drivers used?
5. Which among the four drivers is pure Java driver?
6. How do you know which driver is connected to a database?
7. What is DSN and System DSN and differentiate these two?


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