Thinking positive, and keeping it simple (March 27, 2004)

Topic started by krishna chaitanya (@ on Sat Mar 27 12:35:51 EST 2004.
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tendulkar has been exceptionally well and consistent in his ways.ya,what he told in his interview is correct.why do people think only about matches we loose.why not matches we win? we have to watch the game as a game.victory and defeat are the two aspects of a game.they win and they loose.if india dosent win the world cup it doesnt mean that they can never win it.and we have been seeing comments cursing tendulkar for what had happened in the 2nd match against pak in rawalpindi.if tendulkar only manages to make 300 odd runs then what is the use for the other 10 members of the team.cant they capitalize on one big score from the mastero?count on the no of matches tendulkar won for us...there are,people of is all about team work.Let the team play not only tendulkar.


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