cheap politics by our 'leaders' on cauvery water

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I was watching the rally and the much of mud slinging.

Some treat it as an oppurtunity to enter politics, some see it as an oppurtunity to get the blessings of their leader, some see it as an oppurtunity to settle scores.

Some portions of the crowd dances cheering.. some show 'baba mudra'....some always hover around the TV camera...

On the whole , a "KOOTHU" these "Koothadis" and the idiotic crowd , which never understands the seriousness of the issue....never understands the plight of the farmers..the farmers never organise into a good lobby...

See the kannadigas, the whole kannadiga society is unified, puts up a unified face and uniied stance.Pretends to the outside world as if they are reasonable guys....

a mature kannada Chief Minister... a person who creates an image of patience and maturity...

I cant but feel sad at the state of it because , we are yet to mature?

Almost none seem to realise the gravity of the situation..the crowd assembles not to show their support for the Tamilnadu's stand but more for seeing the actresses, actors, to get a glimpse of Rajinikant.....

Bharathiar's maravar pattu comes to my mind.... and the sad words, " man vetti kooli thinnalachey!".....

why this degradation? why this hankering after these actors and actresses who are just jokers???

Endru thirunthum en Tamizh samuthayam?


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