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Some two weeks back srini and i decided to go to a tamil movie.I was for "Run" as I wanted to joll/droll/mull into the charms of my present fav(50% only another 50% goes to sneha!),Ms.Meera Jasmine.We decided to check in at the Satyam complex after a dinner sponsored by srini( at komala vilas, i was grumbling inside missing my vanjiram fish fry which was waiting ...anyhow decided to sacrifice my fish for some fresh insights into the fishy social scenario from the all-time wise srini!!).

In theatre , as usual the enchanted Tamil crowd was thronging the Run counter so we decided to switch over to Villain Movie acted by Ajit.I protested saying that this guy wants to become another MGR and i cant stand his rubbish.Srini was interested.So decided to see the movie with a lot of reluctance.

As usual got bugged with the Ajit's rhetoric.Only solace was meenz, who has reduced wait recently and srini got bugged with the another actress(kiran).The movie is abt the exploitation of the children by beggar mafia, spastics childs' plight among other things.

My initial grumbling paved way for the realisation of the plight of these children.I recollected the narration of a once gf of mine who had studied the phenomenon indepth.She used to narrate to me about the plight of the children and how Mu.Karunanidhi's efforts to curb begging in TN , failed due to various reasons.

I travelled by train two days back and encountered a sweeping kid inthe train who was begging after cleaning the floring .... i called that gal aside asked her name:

um peru enna?


Un appa, amma ellam enna seiyaranga?

Enakku appa,amma kedaiyathu

Pinna yaru kooda irukka?

Akka kooda

Akka enna seiyuthu?

athuvum trainla kootuthu

Entha ooru unakku?


Padikka vaikiren vaariya?

..for this that gal thought for sometime..looking at me intently and after a few seconds said akka kitta kettu solren

Akka enga?

Thrissurla ( I met her when the train was passing through Irinjalakuda)

Anga than unga veedu irukka?

Illa ...veedu illa..stationla paduthu thoonguvom

Sari, thrissur vanthavudana kettu sollu, naan padikka vaikiren.Matha pillainga mathiri padikkalam.(when i told this i evinced a sorrow at her face when she listened to me).

That gal 'thalaiyattitu' disappeared.I waited when the train passed at Thrissur.She never turned.Possibly she mightve thought that i am not having good intentions.Or mightve got confused as to trust me or not.

Or possibly she mightve been held by the beggar mafia.Or perhaps she wouldve trusted if some women came forward and talked to her( the entire compartment was watching the talk i had with her...but no one opened their mouth).

This gal might be around 7,8 years.Feel even now a bit of helplessness as i couldnt forcibly took her to some orphanage(actually i thought of a orphanage known to me ...located at Paripalli , when i offered to put her into a school).

Perhaps shortly that girl may get into prostitution..

I dont know..if i am right in merely narrating this after losing out...i dont know if i have to thank the movie for making me see these things which are happening all the time....

I dont know if i have erred in not going after that girl and convincing her akka(most probably she too was a kid , slightly elder to this one)...but I will try to talk to some ppl to go and enquire at Thrissur railway station for this girl.

If anyone who sees this thread, who is in kerala or at Thrissur take some effort and get hold of this girl, put her into some orphanage...they will be saving a girl's life.

Most of the begging children in kerala are Tamils and mostly they are from Salem(salem is a place in tn having the highest number of prostitutes..most probably these are unwanted children of these sex workers).


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