How/why are people so duped by scandal/propaganda?

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First of all, people in general, whether Indian or not, are so easily influenced by propaganda/scandalous news. Just turn on the news, and see what kind of news they focus on...the scandalous kind, because they are viewed and rating are high.

But of course, as rational consumers of news, we know that they take statistics, scr-ew around with them, selectively use some, leave rest behind... Watch election campaign. You know never to vote for the candidates who have no platform (real ones) but just use logical fallacies like name-calling and scandalous comments about the other candidate? Does this not indicate on its own a lack of self-worth, especially if the other party did not resort to this? We know the media plays on sex and violence. Is reality really this way? No! But they sell...equally scandalous.

Why don't people take the argument apart? Don't tell me just enjoy the darn commercial/news/remarks by others...its not worth analyzing! And people remain duped without their notice. How are people so easily controlled, not enslaved like the slaves of old, but mind slaved? Is it fear of knowing the truth? Is it fear of the supposed "educated" who keep deceiving? There ought to be no fear/respect for the learned if they abuse it to manipulate others. Every brain should screen.


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