Kondattam TV (KTV) by SUN TV now available in EUROPE and MIDDLE-EAST!!

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KTV by Sun Network is now availabale in Europe and Middle-East on Hotbird satellite on the same frequency as Sun TV, Suriya TV, Vectone Tamil, Vectone Hindi, Vectone Urdu, Vectone Bangla and Maharishi Channel: 10.949, Vertical, SR 27.500 and fec 3/4.

In total there are following Tamil channels available in UK, Europe and Middle-East:
1. TTN Tamil TV
2. Deepam TV
3. TRT Tamil TV
4. Sun TV
5. Jaya TV
6. Vectone Tamil
7. KTV
8. (RAJ TV - coming soon)
9. Cee(I)TV
10. SS Music
11. DAN Cinema

For more informations please visit http://www.media-asia.tk ( http://www.geocities.com/radiotvinfo )



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