What's it like for a woman to fall in love?

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         What's it like for a woman to fall in love? The reason I'm asking is that I am writing a script for a film (okay, I don't really think my work will ever get made into a film, but it's fun to try). I want to portray the characters' emotions accurately. You see, most films I've watched don't ever make us feel involved in love stories, i.e. we hardly if ever experience the magic that is infatuation or "kaadhal". I guess I can only write about infatuations, but even an infatuation can be beautiful, and the majority of Indian film-makers (that includes several so-called "legends" such as K Balachander and Mani Rathnam) fail miserably at portraying what it's like. There are very few, if any, films that have shown the magic of being in love well enough (let me make one thing clear - in the context of this discussion "being in love" is the same as having an infatuation).

         I think I know what it's like for a man to fall in love with a woman. Here's what I think it's like: the woman becomes the centre of his life, i.e., his whole world seems to revolve around her; a little smile from her can seem to be the most beautiful thing in the world; he loses interest in everything but her, well, okay, not totally and completely, but somehow she seems to be the whole point of his life, and he's always thinking about her, so he can't fully concentrate on anything else if he feels that she doesn't - or will not - reciprocate his feelings; also on the other hand, he wishfully interprets any little thing she says or does as being a romantic signal to him; he loses interest in some of his favourite things, for example, his favourite item of food; and to be with her, to have her company, is pure bliss to him; actually waiting to meet her to see her, even if he knows that she knows nothing of his feelings for her, is an absolutely fantastic experience... I could go on and on, but in short, I think the best word perhaps to describe the feeling is magical. Importantly, the whole world seems a bright and cheerful place simply because of the woman he's in love with.

         Do women experience the same feelings as men do? I always think that women are not as crazy as us men and that they don't usually fall blindly into this thing called an "infatuation". But am I right? I'd like to hear what women have to say.

         Let me stress that through this exercise, I intend to achieve two things: learn enough about women's emotions to write a good "screenplay" and also to understand women in general.

         And would you, my fellow ForumHubbers, say that this would be an interesting subject to discuss?


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