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Topic started by mummudicholan (@ on Sun Jan 18 09:06:16 EST 2004.
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Catholic Church pays $20 million to molestation victims (Pope XXX)
Posted: Sun Jan 18 00:04:14 EST 2004

Mother Teresa: Where are her millions? (Mother Teresa's Mother)
Posted: Sun Jan 18 00:14:49 EST 2004

Living as Dalit Christians (Dalit Christian)
Posted: Sun Jan 18 00:22:17 EST 2004

Time for Pope and Media to convert to reality (Reality)
Posted: Sun Jan 18 00:23:55 EST 2004

Missionaries are the most violent people (Manickam)
Posted: Sun Jan 18 00:37:44 EST 2004

Church Sponsored Terrorism in Tripura (Tripura)
Posted: Sun Jan 18 00:39:55 EST 2004


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