India is still a beautiful country

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With all you @ssholes who keep debating religion, caste, language, colour, size, length,quantity of spill, mass, libido and what th' S H I T!!! Let me tell you... the true Indian does'nt give a F U C K !!!

You Dalits and Brahmins can go on endlessly about Dravidian cock and Aryan cock. Let me just tell you this, If any of you guys think you've had the wrong end of the stick, then get the F U C K out of this country. I'm sure you'll get asylum some where if you have the conviction. Frankly we've had enough of both you types. None of you will be content to live peace fully because both types are sick in the mind. Let those who do not belong to both your classes or caste or whichever political denomination your politaical leaders have decided, at least enjoy this country and its beauty. Dont be spoil sports.


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