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Forumhub is such an interesting place.I enjoy being here and has learnt a lot.

Though there are times of pain and pitfalls, it reminds me of the spirit of democracy and freedom.

The other name for FH is freedom.

There are so many interesting personalities around, each a legend.

Aruvaal(enna perunga ithu!)

fridge(cool,cool tamil girl who is Barathi kanda puthumai pen from across the six seas!!)

Karuvaayan(karu nakkunnu kelvi pattirukkiren..for the first time i am hearing black mouthed person).He seems to have a lot of info stored up in his sleeve which he 'eduthu uduing' at times when he gets irritated.

Shakti..the all wise female next to our Sugrutha(resident Indira Gandhi..hehe) and Fridge(wiser in maters relating to the heart;) ).

Skan - the mysterious sweet guy from canada (or from SL?) who brightens up the threads in which he participates, who speaks up a Tamil with lot of assistance(!) from persons known only to him.

Mr.M, the nice person who gets irritated everytime I post a post addressed to him or to others mentioning his name:-))

Santa claus - the all time cool guy who intervenes to tell the harsh truths in between.

P.N.Kumar - a person i used admire...who disappeared not wanting to participate in the fights here.

Rev.Immanuel - a spin philosopher who spins a new theory everytime he comes to the nadar thread. But a nice person who often is arsenic poisoned by close friends in the vicinity and yet lives ....

Nisala, the resident Teravadic advocate who jumps everytime SL or TERavadic Monks are mentioned here...

MV who is the best opponent of Nisala who uses the choicest of abuses and titles to persons:)

karthik, the disappered wiz-kid of FH...

Srini the saintly person who loves Siddarth(heehe) and siddarth is akin to a Vice chancellor (or REctor) who liberally awards Doctorates to persons who irritate him(i was awarded very late!!).

Saradha who came as thendral and used to make thendralish posts(sorry copyrights to resident smiley)....

The smiley who disappeared making the smiles disappear from our faces:(

Sekahar who matches the wit of fridge with equal master;)

many more......its surely an interesting place


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