I want to understand more about Hinduism.

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Dear FHers,
When I became a Hindu in 1997, I did not know very much about Hinduism. Unfortunately, alot of what I read back then about Hinduism was written by sadly misinformed non Hindus. I know more about Hinduism now than what I knew 6 years ago. But, there is alot that I still do not know/understand. I would like to have an enlightening discussion with fellow Hindus on FH about Hinduism and understand more about this ancient and vast ocean called Hinduism.

To start this I have two questions:

Why do Hindus have these lingams in the temples? ie: Sivalingam(especially), Kuberalingam, Ramalingam etc..

What is the story/meaning behind Sivalingam?

Second qustion about bobbing up and down, tapping each cheek, twirling around in circles, laying on stomach etc.. in front of the God. What are the meanings of these?

I hope someone can explain about this to me.

Sanskrit: Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu.
Tamil: ħ .
English: May the Earth be peaceful and happy.

Skanthavelu Nadarajah


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