AK Antony & Abdul Nasar Madani's parol

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Kerala chief Minister AK Antony's denial for the parol of PDP Chairman Abdul Nasar Madani from Coimbatore jail is worrying to me. The CM was dumb and deaf whenever North Indian Communal Big sharks who have the shade of Central rule now visited Kerala. About this subject Antony talked in the tone of a BJP activist. United Democratic front has six MLAs who won the election only with the more votes polled by PDP in their favour. Did Antony forget his ideals in this issue? No trouble would have been raised if Antony had allowed 3-4 hours visit for Madani to his house in Kollam District. What was the crime Madani did? Only he delivered speeches at nook and corner of Kerala exposing Muslim butchers Ashok Singhal and Uma Bharathi and for the progress of minorities. Are these speeches faults? Madani's party has not done crimes in the history of Kerala like RSS, Marxist, Congress or Muslim League. It was unexpected from Antony. Madani would have got a small freedom by parol which was stumbled by CM. There are lakhs of people in Kerala who love Madani. Just like Congress people have emotional love to Sonia Gandhi, PDP people have the same to Madani.There are many Congress leaders in Kerala like Ummen Chandy, Vayalar Ravi, Speaker MM Hassan, TH Musthafa, Shobhana George & alphonsa John who sympathize to Madani. The ever-green politician of Kerala EMS (CPM) once compared Madani to Mahathma Gandhi.If Indian Milosevich Narendra Modi comes to Kerala can Antony block his way? Why? I doubt whether Antony's wish is same -to keep Madani forever in jail-as of extremists in RSS. How many Extremists in RSS who created river with human blood in Kerala soil of Kannur live freely without any threat of even police case? Madani is one of the popular leaders of Kerala and the leading orator in Malayalam. With what right and justice TN Govt. is keeping him in jail without giving him the charge sheet for 4 years? All human activists irrespective of State and religion should please wish for the emancipation of people like Abdul Nasar Madani. I plea to the above mentioned Congress leaders to push in Center for this cause. Thank You all.


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