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SRI SRI SIDDHA YOGI SIVASANKAR BABA His self realisation center SAMRATCHANA at Neelankarai,Chennai India, is uplifting the world by means of various socio-economic-cultural activities, based on volunteer service only.

Baba's experience of death in 1984 by the grace of Sri Ragavendra inspired him to realize His innate divinity. The symbols of various deities in his palm and feet proclaim the greatness of this living God. Baba has revealed various Divine forms in His Daily Homam at Samratchana functions.

Baba believes in uniting people of all faith and Kelambakkam has Temples of all prime Hindu deities, Church for the Good Shepherd, Mosque, Buddha Vihar,Gurudwara and Jain temple.

Special mention must be made about HiranyaGarbaSriVenkateswaraSathyaNarayanaSreeSivaShankaraPooranaBrahmam Idol. A temple shaped like the Diamond Crown of Lord Venkatachalapathy, consecrated is the form in Ardhanareeswara Swaroopam the left half dedicated to Ambaal. The idol depicts Matsya Avatara and Koorma Avatara, Sivalingam at the waist, Varaha and Narasimha on either side of Perumal, Vamana's umbrella, Parasurama's Kodali, Rama's bow and arrow, Krishna's flute and other weapons of Perumal.The 4 towers above contain statues of Sri Shirdi Sai, Sri Raghavendra, Sri Koti Swami, Sri Paramacharya. 8 Pillars support the temple from the ground each sculpted with "Yaali" - the lion form.

This forum will bring in more focus on Baba's upcoming projects,International School,Hospital,Community Living.

Love, Laugh Live 'n Learn to long for "The Lotus feet of the Lord!". We are moving GLOBAL - Be a part, enjoy His eternal BLISS.


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