I had the honour of meeting Abdul Hameed!!!!

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Dear all,

All of you are probably aware that Abdul hameed is a legend in tamil media industry, born and worked in Radio Ceylon, most of his life,then later he moved to Tamil nadu, hosting countless shows.

right, as I am trying to become an actor (watch out, Madhavan and shaam, u got competition dudes, hehe)

Abdul Hameed, interviewd me on 'Deepam TV', about my acting/dancing, modelling/singing skills. I was so nervous, i did not what to say :)), he praised Kamal BIG time, he told his experience with kamal during thenali shootings.

He has narrted a drama for deepam TV, and he has chosen me as a HERO, yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!

the drama yet to be known, will be shown live on Deepam TV, across, USA, Canada, and the middle east.

I will keep you all informed, so guys and girls, watch out for the DON :))



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