Indians' dining oddities

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I find that 90% of the Indians in the US and in India don't order Pepsi, Coke or soft drinks with their food. They are content with just water (without ice, of course). Pepsi stands in India don't serve their drinks with ice even if you ask for it. Plus the cup sizes are small.

South Indian brahmins especially are anaethma to anything cold even on the hottest of hot days. I dont know why there is the mental block to having anything cold. They would rather having piping hot coffee when the air temp is above a 100 degrees.

The other thing I find among Indians living in Bangalore is that they have no concept of using silverware. I have noticed people using two spoons to eat idlis and (I'm not kidding) masala dosa! They think it is so Western, but in reality are only making fools of themselves. Why don't they use their hands as dosa is meant to be eaten with? Others use a fork and knife, but actually use the fork to shovel food into the spoon and eat it with the spoon.
Plus the waiters are over-eager to dump food from the bowl into your plate even if you don't ask for it. I have to at times almost physically restrain them from doing it.

I find dining out in India to be an amusing experience. But the food and the prices are great, nonetheless.


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